CV HQRA (Central Volunteer HQ Royal Artillery)

Guns at Woolwich

CVHQ RA was established originally to manage the RA Specialist Pool (V). On the reorganisation of the TA in 1967 it also assumed responsibility for the All Arms Watchkeepers and Liaison Officers Pool (V), another specialist organisation formed from Officers of all cap badges. 

The Headquarters also took responsibility on behalf of Headquarters Land for the administration of the Land Command Staff Pool (V) which was formed in 1995.

In April 2001 with the change in command status of Woolwich from a Garrison to a Station, the Headquarters assumed the role of Station Headquarters and with it responsibility for the command and administration of the Station and Station troops.

The CVHQ RA mission is to:
- Provide administration and the support infrastructure for Woolwich Station including effective estate development planning.

- Recruit, train and administer TA officers and soldiers of the RA Specialists.

- Recruit, train and administer officer of the All Arms Staff Officers Group.

- Provide training and administer Officers in the Land Command Staff Pool.

- Provide individuals for long or short term commitments to the Regular Army both on during training and on operations.
'In order to contribute to the Land component of the UK's military capability'