GACS meeting 19 March 2014

General Advisory Committee on Science meeting held at Aviation House, London


09:00 1. Welcome and introduction
Agreement of agenda; reminder on rules and interests

09:10 2. Draft minutes of 12th meeting and matters arising
Agree draft minutes; progress on actions and matters arising
GACS 12 Minutes (draft)
GACS 13-1 Matters arising

09:20 3. Science report
Report from FSA Director of Policy Steve Wearne on FSA science activities and plans, and discussion
GACS 13-2

09:50 4. Science in the Scientific Advisory Committees (SACs)
Discussion on cross-cutting issues and joint working drawing on:
- Summary of SACs activities and forward plans, to identify areas for joint working by SACs
GACS 13-3

10:05 5. Report on the FSA’s evidence portfolio
GACS 13-4

10:45 6. Report from the Working Group on Data Exploitation
GACS 13-5


11:25 7. Report from the Working Group on Use of Science in Emergencies
GACS 13-6

11:55 8. Report from the Working Group on Use of Evidence
GACS 13-7

12:15 9. Presentation from UK Champion for Global Food Security, Professor Tim Benton

12:45 10. Papers for information:

GACS Work plan (GACS 13-8)
Register of Members' interests (GACS 13-9)

12:55 11. Any other business (AOB)

13:00 Close of formal business

13:00 Questions and comments from the audience

13:15 End of open session


13:30 FSA Strategy workshop (closed business session)

15:00 End