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    The Postal Services Act 2011 allows for the mutualisation of the Post Office and sets out a broad framework under which mutualisation could be achieved. The government has been clear that mutualisation should happen from the bottom up, and that the views of the Post Office’s stakeholders will be vital in the creation of a mutual Post Office.

    This consultation document builds on the comprehensive report Mutual Options for Post Office Ltd commissioned by government from Co-operatives UK . The aim of this consultation is to appraise further the case for and shape of a mutualisation, building on the recommendations made by Co-operatives UK to move towards an agreed model for a mutual Post Office.

    It closed on 12 December 2011.

    The government’s response to the consultation was published on 4 July 2012.  It revealed the enthusiasm amongst subpostmasters, Post Office staff and the wider public for a stake in the Post Office.  The government’s response sets out the next steps towards mutualisation through developing a mutual culture within the business and improving its financial stability.