Reflecting on the Science Communication Conference

Now that it’s published, it’s great being able to talk about the results from Public Attitudes to Science 2011, and to reflect on some of the highlights (both negative and positive).  We’ve been trying to work out, for example, why … Continue reading

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PAS2011 Twitter Wordle Cloud

There have been a number of twitter discussions going on over the last week since the survey’s publication. There are more detailed posts to follow but I thought I’d link to the cloud I produced in the meantime.

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PAS2011 at the Science Communication Conference

It’s just over a month to go, but this year’s Science Communication Conference will present the first real public opportunity to discuss the results of #PAS2011, as well as its implications for Sci Comm types and scientists more broadly.  I’ll … Continue reading

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14-16 Attitudes

In previous posts we’ve mentioned our survey of young people’s attitudes.  We published our results on that last week, National Science and Engineering Week. This wasn’t a direct replica of the main PAS, but we took the opportunity to test … Continue reading

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Diana Garnham: Science, Careers and Public Attitudes

Diana Garnham from the Science Council talks science, careers and public attitudes and reflects on what previous attitudes studies have told us.  Appropriate, as Diana has chaired the Science for Careers Expert Group, who are holding a conference in York … Continue reading

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Ipsos Mori reflections on progress

Jayesh Shah is part of the Ipsos MORI team conducting the Public Attitudes to Science (PAS) 2011 study. Below, he gives an update on where we are with the project, the challenges involved and what people should expect from the … Continue reading

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Roland Jackson: science and culture

Roland Jackson, Chief Executive of the British Science Association , and a member of the Steering Group for the project, offers a perspective on science and culture. I have always been interested in what the Public Attitude Surveys tell us, … Continue reading

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The London workshops

Kate Mandeville, a scientist at the London deliberative workshops, offers her perspective on her day with participants. It was an email out of the blue from Ipsos MORI and the British Science Association. Would I like to be the scientist … Continue reading

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December Progress Update

Well, it’s almost Christmas, and a good time to reflect on the work that Ipsos MORI have done so far, and look forward to the run up to publication of our results. The quantitative part of the work has now … Continue reading

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The view from East Yorkshire

Sarah Elton, one of the scientists who helped out at the workshops discussed in the last blog post talks about her experience on the day. I was promised lunch and an interesting day out in East Yorkshire. In return, I had … Continue reading

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