• Due to ongoing discussions within Government, there will be a delay in publishing the Government’s response to the Modern Workplaces Consultation. The Government response will be published early in 2012.

  • Ed Davey on why this matters

    Employment Relations Minister, Edward Davey MP, explains why modern Britain needs modern workplaces; and how these Government proposals will offer both employers and employees the benefits of greater flexibility.

  • B&Q Employees talk about flexible working

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    • Eve Taylor. OBE commented:"At last some one is raising questions for reducing all this time away from their employment because they have a baby. I had 5 sons at the end of the…"
    • H A Prowse (Miss) commented:"4 weeks annual leave is enough for everyone - enough for new fathers and fair to those of us without children! New mothers should stay at home - it …"
    • Margaret Bird commented:"Jenni - this approach would be discriminatory and parents already have the right to request a change in their hours. It would though be unrealistic …"
    • Michael Bettridge commented:"I am concerned that the introduction of flexible working is not practical in all places of work. As a school administrator I cannot see how it can be…"