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Community/Common Transit and TIR Newsletter - November 2008


Making electronic declarations on the NCTS for TIR movements

Traders are reminded that, with effect from 1 January 2009, movements of goods under the cover of a TIR carnet will also require a declaration to the NCTS for that part of the journey within the territory of the European Union.

The NCTS will generate the Transit Accompanying Document (TAD) which will be affixed to the TIR carnet. It is important to note that the paper TIR carnet remains the legal instrument and will be required to be presented along with any accompanying documents, the vehicle and the goods.

Further details are given in the June 2008 Newsletter. The TIR page on our website and Notice 464 TIR procedures are being updated to reflect this change.

NCTS upgrade to version 7 (safety and security)

The UK originally planned to upgrade to version 7.0 of the Minimal Common Core, Guarantee Management System (GMS) and EDI/CSI Node (ECN) (NCTS operating system) to cover the safety and security EU legislative requirements due to be implemented on the 1 July 2009. This would have meant that the Technical Interface Specification (TIS) should have been published on 31 December 2008 to allow the trade six months to make the necessary arrangements including the update and testing of software etc.

However, the EU Commission have urged all Member States to give serious consideration to upgrading to version 7.1 by 1 July 2009. We are informed that failure by several Member States/EFTA countries to upgrade to version 7.1 will cause the generation of error messages for both ourselves and our EU/EFTA colleagues. To evade such problems, including avoiding possible delays in the processing of NCTS declarations, we have decided to upgrade to version 7.1 of NCTS by 1 July 2009. We believe this decision to be the most cost effective and sensible way forward.

The code and technical specifications for version 7.1 will not be available from the Commission until 31 December 2008. In practical terms this means that the TIS for version 7.0 will still be published before 31 December 2008 but an amendment to cover the changes in version 7.1 will have to be issued in mid January 2009. HMRC will then need to bespoke the code to UK requirements which will take two weeks. HMRC will also have to upgrade all development servers to AIX 5.3, prepare test cases, test the system and update and test the web channel with the new fields. This means that the trade will have a maximum of three months to perform further trader testing of version 7.1. The changes in version 7.1 mainly relate to conditions around Authorised Economic Operators (AEO) and Economic Operators.

We apologise for giving you less time than originally planned but as you appreciate we are working to extremely tight deadlines, many of which are outside of our control.

Details of the fields to complete for NCTS TIR

As NCTS TIR will be going 'live' in January and the details to be completed in some fields of the declaration are slightly different from those on the standard NCTS declarations, we detail below the fields that it is necessary to complete for TIR purposes:

Box 1: Declaration Type
The code 'TIR' must be selected in this field.

Normal/simplified declaration
There are no ‘TIR Consignors’ so you must select the ‘Normal’ procedure in all TIR declarations.

Box 40/44: Produce Certificates
Select the ‘Produced certificates’ and in the 'Type' section enter code '952' for 'TIR carnet'. The TIR carnet number should be entered in the 'Document reference' field.

Note: The code ‘952’ and related TIR carnet number must only appear once for a declaration and this must be in the first goods item although not necessarily in the first field of box 44.

Box 52: Guarantee Information
Select guarantee code 'B' for TIR

'Other Guarantee reference': enter the TIR carnet number

Note: The 'Other Guarantee Reference' information must agree exactly with the TIR Carnet information entered in box 44, otherwise the declaration will not be accepted

'Guarantee access code'

Please leave this field blank - no access code needs to be entered for TIR.

Euro exchange rates

Traders and officers at UK offices of departure who wish to calculate the value of a community/common transit guarantee must use the official exchange rate when converting sterling and other national currencies into/from the euro (Article 22, Paragraph 1 of Appendix II to the Convention on a common transit procedure refers).

The European Commission have published the following exchange rates between national currencies and the euro, and they shall be applied with effect from the first working day of October 2008:





1 Euro

= 7,4611

Danish krone



= 0,7903

Pound sterling



= 9,7943

Swedish krona



= 1,5774

Swiss franc



= 145,91

Iceland króna



= 8,26

Norwegian krone



= 1,9558

Bulgarian lev



= 24,66

Czech koruna



= 15,6466

Estonian kroon



= 242,83

Hungarian forint



= 3,4528

Lithuanian litas



= 0,7086

Latvian lats



= 3,3967

Polish zloty



= 3,7413

Romanian leu


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