December Progress Update

Well, it’s almost Christmas, and a good time to reflect on the work that Ipsos MORI have done so far, and look forward to the run up to publication of our results.

The quantitative part of the work has now been completed; more than 2000 people across the country have been reached by Ipsos MORI’s team. This is quite a logistical feat in itself, and we’re grateful to those interviewers who have braved the recent snow in Scotland and the North East.

In our last entry, you heard from Sarah, who took part in one of our deliberative workshops in Yorkshire. She certainly seems to have found this a useful and enjoyable experience. In total, we’ve now completed our 4 sets of paired deliberative workshops, with people giving up two Saturdays in Beverley, Cardiff, London and Birmingham.

Looking forward to 2011, we’ll be doing some work with the BIS Learner Panel and their cohort of 14-16 year olds.   We’ll also have our next steering group meeting and January will  mark the start of the really detailed analysis – all in time for our publication date during National Science and Engineering Week.

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  1. Just as this blog went live, I noticed this report – a group of 8 year olds are the youngest scientists ever to have a report published in a peer reviewed journal. The paper itself is a great illustration of some of the things we were talking about in the workshops; young people wanting to follow their own curiosity, ‘do science’ themselves by coming up with questions about the world and answering them, then reporting, using scientific rigour, but using their own words and with enthusiasm. I particularly like the idea that a key finding in this study was “We like bees”…

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